Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Recovery ? The Jobless Recovery

Yahoo -  Chief executive Carol Bartz last night said the company would let a further 1% of its 14,000 staff go, just weeks after announcing 4% of cuts.

Chief Executive Officer Ursula Burns is also reducing costs, including 5000 job cuts announced last year to save the company about $140 million.

Disney has announced more job cuts as they make their strategic move away from developing console games.

With some top state leaders warning that Texas’ dire fiscal situation will lead to the loss of several thousand state jobs, House budget writers will release their first draft budget today — and big job cuts may be just the beginning. Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst went a step further last week and put a number to the cuts, announcing that 8,000 state jobs could be eliminated.

American Express fell 2.5 percent after announcing job cuts.


  1. Hi UKDayTrade,

    Just curious, do you use CFD DMA or CFD Spread betting (market maker). I'm going to open a CFD with IGMarkets.


    Aris @fledglingtrader

  2. CFD is better reflects actual prices and also allows pre and post market trading.


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