Thursday, 8 July 2010

Overvalued Companies

The following companies are overvalued in my opinion most of them supported by either large shareholders or incompetent fund managers.

NILE (BLUE NILE) - PE Ratio 53 - Current Share Price 45.98
DG (DOLLAR GENERAL) - PE Ratio 23.76, massive debt , Share price 27.95
FAST (FASTNEAL) - PE Ratio -38 Share price 50.21 (A retailer with a cure for cancer)
ADSK (AUTODESK) - PE Ratio 45 Share Price 24.73 - Anyone would think they invented the iphone
COLM (COLUMBIA SPORTSWARE) - PE Ratio 23 - Share Price 45.68

S&P is currently 1060.

By contract PE ratio for Apple is 21.95.

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